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Now it's easy to get a piece of France 

only Coffre au Trésor subscription box needed

Our Products

We offer 3 types of boxes: gourmet, sweet and le plaisir de la femme. Boxes could be bought both one-time and on the subscription basis.


Living in France and exploring it from the inside, we realised that we want to provide an opportunity for people from all over the world to see and taste the results of the work of local producers and family businesses.

We box only unique products made in France, mainly by small businesses.

When visiting each new supplier, we tell about their work, demonstrate production from the inside on video in our Instagram blog and encourage you to support us and our suppliers by purchasing a subscription to our boxes, collected with love throughout the country.

The French small business market has a policy of openness; if you want to purchase a product, you can familiarize yourself with almost the entire production cycle. We invite you to enjoy this openness with our project.

Olga and Martynas, founders

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